Danziger Brings Nature’s Inspiration to Flower Trials

In our industry, we are inspired every day by the power, beauty and opportunities nature provides. At Danziger, that inspiration is driving our business for 2024.

“We chose Breeding In Tune with Nature as our theme for 2024 for many reasons,” says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO. “It’s more than a catchphrase for us. We strive to create varieties that harness the power of nature. Our goal is to develop genetics that offer solutions powered by nature – including natural drought tolerance, lower input needs, and varieties that take less labor time to grow, all while still providing more and longer-lasting blooms. These benefits help growers, retailers and home gardeners.”

The theme also focuses on embracing the beauty of nature and its ability to create a connection to the world around us. Natural hues, lush foliage and vivid colors can help develop a mood in the garden. From creating calm in the chaos to adding a vibrancy and joy to our lives, plants offer an opportunity for creative expression.

Creativity Meets Science

Creativity is a driving force in Danziger’s breeding work too. Breeders pair state-of-the-art technologies with their own creative drive. “Part of the act of cultivation is to take varieties found in nature and improve their properties,” says Amir Zucker, VP R&D at Danziger. “We take inspiration from nature and return to nature a better, more beautiful and stronger species, able to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as heat and drought.”

Join us at Flower Trials for a look at inspiring new collections, horticulture trends and marketing programs. We also have a few fun activities for you! Here is just a glimpse of what you’ll experience 13-16 June 2023:

An Israeli Happy Hour

We will be featuring falafel and beer Tuesday till Thursday afternoon at our location in The Netherlands. Join us from 15:30-18:00, at Imperial Plants.

You can win an exclusive trip to Israel

Take part in our raffle and you could be on your way to visit our headquarters and R&D center. The winner will get the chance to attend our annually NovemberFest event, get a sneak peek of future genetics and meet our team of experts. You will also be treated to warm Israeli hospitality, including great food and a fieldtrip to visit Jerusalem and some of Israel’s other finest attractions. Register for the raffle at either of our sites.

Garden to VaseÔ – New Program

Bringing the outdoors in just got easier. The new Garden to Vase program offers trialed and tested flower varieties from Danziger’s world-class cut flower genetics that are perfect for self harvest and creating beautiful bouquets. This program makes it  easy for growers to provide home gardeners with the satisfaction of growing, nurturing, and harvesting cut flowers. With Garden to Vase, it’s easy to Grow. Cut. Enjoy. Repeat.

AMAZONASÔ Petunias – New introduction

AMAZONASÔ  Plum Cockatoo is the plant that will grab your attention at first glance, At all of our trial sites around the globe, this novelty petunia is making waves.

It brings hues of deep, rain forest green and a more natural, wild habit to the garden. Its calming colors provide a beautiful backdrop of natural color that is especially striking when paired with foliage plants.

BLAZING STAR Bidens – New 2024

Danziger’s new generation of Bidens brings bright color and loads of blooms to the category. BLAZING STAR features bicolor deep orange blossoms that are outlined with bold yellow.

The blooms are pollinator magnets, with the dark orange color serving as a landing beacon for bees. These mid-sized, early-flowering Bidens are well-branched and require little to no PGRs.

They’re outstanding additions to landscapes, containers and combinations.

Pink NebulaÔ Salvia – New 2024

Danziger’s Salvia nemorosa provide out-of-this-world performance in the garden, with colorful blooms that cover the plant all summer long. These early and uniform Salvia nemorosa feature colorful blooms atop strong stems and don’t require vernalization or bulking. New for 2024, Pink NebulaÔ brings striking, rosy-pink color that will turn heads at the garden center. This new salvia is similar in habit and performance to Danziger’s popular Dark Matter variety.

So, what does In Tune with Nature mean? “It’s about being inspired,” says Ori Danziger. “It’s about embracing the gifts nature has given us and empowering plants with technology-driven breeding. It’s about sharing the beauty of nature through flowers.”

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Flower Trials. Schedule a time to meet in person here.

About Danziger

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