Danziger Honors and Celebrates Women In The Florist Community

Every year one day has been set aside to recognize women and to celebrate their social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day is known as International Women’s Day and this year Danziger decided to focus on the world of floristry and floral design.

“International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for us to take a look at some of the talented women in our industry and acknowledge their years of creative and inspiring work” says Betty Finkelstein, Global Brand Manager at Danziger. “We wanted this week to be an inspirational one, and to show how women around the world can make a difference and empower one another. We were so excited to see that even in a competitive industry like ours, women were praising and complimenting one another, for their great achievements on our interactive campaign on our social media”, she added.

As part of the campaign, Danziger invited Alison Bradley the founder and editor-in-chief of Fusion Flowers magazine and co-founder of the international platform, Floral Fundamentals and ‘Danziger Live’, to select four women from around the world to feature. This was a difficult choice but, in the end, Alison decided that she would interview women who, in their own way, have succeeded in empowering other women by encouraging them to learn and grow.

Alison says, “There are many women who fitted the bill, but when I looked at the individual histories of the ladies concerned, there were several common factors – one of which being the fact that they had succeeded in empowering others while continuing to develop themselves. Their road to success has been interesting to watch and, in each case, they were encouraged by their family. Balancing a family life whilst teaching, designing, and facilitating others is no easy task and for all of their success, each woman was surprised and honoured to be invited to be interviewed by me.”

The resulting interviews were so powerful and interesting that Danziger decided to make International Women’s Day into a week-long celebration.  Danziger’s social media featured different posts each day several of which encouraged readers to take part.  Leading up to ‘the official day’ with the individual interviews so that readers had time to savour the information.  Alison says that she knew that she was in a no-win situation because everyone has their own favourite designer that they hoped would be one of the interviewees, but she is sure that she chose the right people for the right reasons. 

The finale will be an invitation to all women in every aspect of the industry be they growers, distributors, florists, suppliers etc to say what makes them proud to be part of the wonderful world of flowers.

Here are the links for the full interviews:

Hitomi Gilliam – Eco Future

Hitomi’s journey in floristry is fascinating. Initially drawn to working with flowers, she quickly realised that she would have to find a way to develop her own style of design. She longed to find a way to incorporate her love of art into floral design. We discovered how she managed to not only achieve that but also become an iconic figure in the world of flowers. Click here for more

Jacqueline Boerma – Master Education

Following in the footsteps of a beloved and highly respected parent is quite a challenge especially when the handover of the educational establishment that her father had created was so personal. The history and layout of the Boerma Instituut is part of the charm but Jacqueline has taken it to another level – Master level. We discover just what that entails. Click here for more

Holly Heider Chapple – Embrace and Inspire

From running a successful Event Design business to buying a farm that you, together with your husband, develop into not only an Event Destination but also an educational venture takes serious hard work. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Holly and family decide to have a flower farm and more. By any standards, this is a remarkable success story but to then master the international stage takes the story to another level … what a fascinating story of courage, determination, and family. Click here for more…

Elly Lin – Determined Design

Mention the name Elly Lin in Asia and you will quickly realise that she is held in high regard. Mention her in the West and you will also realise that she is regarded as a floral icon! Elly came to fame when she represented her country in the World Cup when she was placed second. From this she went on to create her flower shop that embraces a full sensory experience. Supported by her father, mother, and sister, she is now in the process of training her son.   Click here for more

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