Danziger Talks Present: Envision the Vibrant Future of the Green Industry, as Innovations Drive Trends and Lead us Forward to the Prospects of Tomorrow’s Horticulture

Our next  Webinar, to be held on 8 December, will continue to bring fascinating Danziger Talks specially tailored for you. The goal of these talks is to inspire you with the latest lifestyle trends, offer technological insights, and consider the impact of social media. This valuable wealth of knowledge was designed to help all members of the horticulture industry to better understand the market and drive sales and business by providing practical insights and tools.

The Webinar is composed of 3 thought-provoking TED-style online talks by experts in their fields contributing their different perspectives, and is transmitted with simultaneous translation into FrenchRussian and German.

Manuel Rucar – When innovation meets trends

In his thought-provoking talk, Manuel provides important tips about how consumers want their products, how retailers are changing, and what kind of products we need to change, with a focus on the future of marketing in the horticulture and florist industry. 

Michael Perry – Mr. Plant Geek – When Horticulture meets Social Media

Michael’s talk will offer insights into how everyone in our supply chain can get messages across by embracing the various media platforms where retailers and growers can drive demand as well as attract end customers.

Yanki Margalit – The future of horticulture – The future of culture

In his talk, Yanki will take us on a journey into the future of agriculture in general, and horticulture in particular. As a thinker with a unique perspective on the future, he opens our minds to fascinating speculations about the future, such as when will we start building (and planting) on Mars?

For more information, we invite you to visit our website: www.danzigeronline.com