David Austin Roses: Cut Flowers With An English Accent

The cut flower industry has evolved and improved tremendously since my
college days. For example, there are currently all manner of color choices
besides red, yellow, and white. And many of the roses previously found only in
floral shops are now available for growing in your own garden. One of my
favorites, Kardinal, holds its form on the bush in my garden for more than a
week and doesnt fade, even in the hottest weather.

Now the choices within the luxury cut rose industry are even more interesting
with the arrival of David Austin Cut Flowers in America to the arena. His cut
flowers are based on the garden roses admired worldwide for their fragrance,
form and old-fashioned appearance. His new collection introduces flowers that
have the English rose mystique but will now have year-round availability.

When dispatched, these roses are still in bud and quite tight. They gradually
open into huge, beautifully formed blooms packed with an amazing number of
petals. When fully open, the flower forms range from deep or shallow cups to
quartered rosettes, some with a classic button eye. And the fragrance is
absolutely intoxicating.

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