Decorative Packaging Enhances Quality And Vase Life Of Amaryllis

New Wave Amaryllis is a joint venture involving four Amaryllis growers.
Cooperation among growers offers several benefits for the consumer, including a
wider and more varied assortment as well as stimulating investment in new

New Wave also focuses on the development of concepts. Bearing in mind that
Amaryllis is an easily damaged product but one that retains its looks much
longer when properly packaged, the New Wave packaging concept protects the
flowers and is constructed in a way that allows the flowers to be moved directly
from the packaging to the vase.

Large assortment

New Wave has developed four different decorative packages so there is bound to
be something to suit every taste. Consumers can choose from classic, colors,
glossy finish and Christmas. The joint venture by the four Amaryllis growers
means that the assortment is large: 25 different varieties ranging from red,
purple, green, orange, to salmon, white, pink and striped.

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