Deliflor Chrysanten Introduces Magnum Yellow

The disbudded chrysanthemum Magnum has already gained a lot of fame worldwide. In week 33 this unique, XXLflower will get a yellow extension: Magnum Yellow. This new variety will be supplied by 2 quality growers: Arcadia Chrysanten and VannoVa J&A Flowers. Magnum Yellow also has the distinctive large flower with the enormous amount of petals that unfold into a large flower ball. This cast-iron variety can be transported to the most remote places and arrive undamaged. Magnum Yellow will also be supplied with the same green net as Magnum, so it is easy recognizable.

  • Growers: Arcadia Chrysanten and VannoVa J&A Flowers
  • Amounts: approx. 30.000 stems a week
  • VBN-code: 121647

Source: Deliflor Chrysanten