Demonstration Trial Gerbera Cultivation With Mainspring: Less Water, Better Results

A higher water volume does not always give better results, according to a spray technique test on 12 March for Gerbera cultivation in combination with Mainspring – a unique, reliable and friendly insecticide for land-based ornamental plants. The result: spraying with less water watering often gives similar or better results.

The amount of water that can be used in combination with insecticides is being regulated more and more. A demonstration trial was set up by Syngenta Netherlands to be able to demonstrate the possibilities with the current spraying technique. All Gerbera growers in the Netherlands were invited on 12 March for an information meeting about spraying techniques and to view the trial. De meeting was arranged in collaboration with Erik Mooij (Guidance Crop Protection Greenhouse Horticulture) and Royal Flowers in Moerkappele, the Netherlands.

Purpose of the test
The main purpose of the test was to see whether the water volume can be reduced when using Mainspring. To make the results more visible, Helios was used – a fluorescent formula that makes the spray visible under UV light.

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