Dümmen Orange and Chrysanne Enter Into an Exclusive Partnership to Further Develop Supernova

Dümmen Orange, market leader in pot chrysanthemums, is entering into an exclusive partnership with Chrysanne. The collaboration aims to further develop the Supernova series, a high-end disbudded pot chrysanthemum that is supplied in guaranteed product quality all year round. Chrysanne is the name under which growers Lionplant and Van Schie will market the Supernova series.

The Supernova is distinguished by a greatly reduced need for inhibitors (PGR), which means that production is less harmful to the environment. The chrysanthemum thus fits in perfectly with the increasing consumer demand for sustainably produced flowers and plants.

The Supernova is a beautiful, firm, disbudded pot chrysanthemum with larger, double flowers and a shelf life of at least five weeks. It is available in the colours white, pink, yellow, purple and ‘art’, in pot sizes 10.5, 13 and 19 centimetres, with one, three and six cuttings per pot respectively.

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