Dümmen Orange Successfully Unveils Line-up of New Products at 2022 California Spring Trials

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dümmen Orange, the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials, returned to the 2022 California Springs Trials (CAST) with its new line-up of products that stretched the boundaries of plant science combined with floral beauty.

Dümmen Orange hosted its colorful 2022 CAST display at Filipponi Ranch in San Luis Obispo, Calif. As the floriculture industry returned to the west coast for its annual rite of passage, Dümmen Orange delivered in a big way.   

“We had a tremendous response from all the attendees who visited our team at CAST,” said Marta Maria Garcia, head of marketing and retail for Dümmen Orange North America. “It was an incredible time spent sharing our newest products with customers and industry partners. Since CAST returned to a traditional spring schedule, it really provided a sense of normalcy and gave a much needed boost of excitement to the plant industry as a whole.”

Well-known for annuals and perennials, Dümmen Orange displayed its new and impactful product lineup of foliage, succulents and tropicals at 2022 CAST.

“There has been a significant increase in new consumers participating in the plant industry,” said Garcia. “We are actively responding to this expanded marketplace and satisfying consumer demand in these specific categories.”  

With a 10-week growing period, these items have a quick grow time and Dümmen Orange has availability to supply growers with trendy plants. Annual growers can now add these products to their operations. This includes the “Welcome to the Jungle” tropical product line among others.

In the tropical blooming category, Dümmen Orange has added its hibiscus Caribbean series which growers and consumers will love. This tropical hibiscus comes in six colors (Barbados, St. John, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Tortola, Virgin Gorda) and these heat loving plants will thrive in the summer across North America. The Caribbean hibiscus collection are medium vigor plants with good branching and lots of flower power. With large, tropical colored blooms, the Dümmen Orange Hibiscus Caribbean series is suitable for landscapes and patio containers.

Santana geraniums were a major highlight for Dümmen Orange at 2022 CAST and with good reason. This new interspecific series features seven colors including white, pink splash, white splash, fire, dark red, pink, and purple. With excellent heat and drought tolerance, these geraniums deliver strong garden performance. Designed with a uniform series in flower timing and habit, Santana geraniums have superior branching and are quick to fill chassis.   

2022 CAST also saw a re-launch of the Dümmen Orange Regal Geraniums Elegance series. Available in 10 varieties, these geraniums have large, showy flowers with good heat tolerance for extended bloom time. Regal geraniums in this series make an excellent early spring option in the garden with low temperature tolerance or as an indoor pot for early spring or Easter sales. In addition to their beautiful lineup of colors, they are easily programmable from a vernalized liner.

Calibrachoa, specifically Rainbow and TikTok, grabbed the attention of attendees visiting the Dümmen Orange trials in-person. The calibrachoa hybrid Rainbow series added two new colors in pink blush and Paloma pink to go with Bermuda blue, calypso coral, pink pepperberry and tiger tail. Rainbow’s tri-color bloom changes color based on temperature, light level, and day length. Suited for containers and garden beds, Rainbow calibrachoas have medium vigor with semi-trailing habit. The TikTok series added a new orange and an improvement to the original blue that Dümmen Orange launched last year to go with rose and white. TikTok’s large flowers with novel yellow spokes are suited for containers and garden beds due to their medium vigor with semi-trailing habit.   

Dümmen Orange boosted its coleus hybrid plants for 2022 CAST. Great Falls Havasu, with textured leaves and a trailing habit, has indoor and outdoor appeal is it can also be used as groundcover. Main Street series delivers with full sun and full shade tolerance and a matched vigor. It is the industry standard for garden performance, so the new Ashbury and Portage Avenue varieties are late to flower and a season extender that thrive in heat. Stained Glassworks Flashbulb, with its unique color pattern and well-branched, medium vigor, makes a great addition to the Stained Glassworks collection as a sun selection for container or landscape application. Stained Glassworks Pineapple Express is a shade selection with gold and burgundy contrast on large showy leaves which can be used in container or landscape application.

Begonia hybrid Bachelorette Trailing Red has single red flowers on a sturdy habit with exceptional heat tolerance that makes them ideal for containers, baskets or gardens. These begonias earned plenty of praise for Dümmen Orange during 2022 CAST.

Crossandra hybrid watermelon from Dümmen Orange, with its unique melon and coral flower color, is tailored for premium container gardens.

MegaGuinea is the latest introduction from Dümmen Orange in hybrid New Guinea Impatiens (NGI). The new series comes in four colors including white blush, orange, pink and purple. MegaGuinea is a special selection for large containers and is early to finish. With low input for larger containers, MegaGuinea is available in Basewell for direct stick to finish container. Other Dümmen Orange NGI hybrids this year include Jazzy Blue Rose, Petticoat Swirl (which come in mango swirl and orange swirl) and Roller Coaster Orange.

La Diva Lavender provides solutions for growers through a full suite of varieties and species that can be easily programmed from early spring through autumn production. La Diva comes in imperial (a French dentata type), big night (a Spanish lavender type) and eternal elegance (an English lavender type). The Dümmen Orange La Diva concept conveniently provides a one-stop solution for any grower’s or retailer’s lavender needs. This early season flowering lavender is the result of new genetics, and the program is beneficial in many ways including programmability, which allows growers the ability to cut their lavender growing schedule. La Diva creates a high-end lavender series that is available to purchase throughout the year.

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2023 CAST dates are already set as the event will run from March 29 through April 2, 2023. Dümmen Orange will be participating again next year.    

For more information about Dümmen Orange, please visit na.dummenorange.com.

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