Dümmen Orange to Highlight its Pollinator’s Paradise Garden Party Combinations at CAST 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Consumers are looking for plant material that is beyond organic or neutral in their environment and that also brings visitors to their gardens. They want products which are eco-positive, meaning they actually add benefits to the environment around them. 

With that in mind, Dümmen Orange is set to highlight its new Garden Party Pollinator’s Paradise combinations at the upcoming California Summer Trials (CAST) in late June 2021. The program is designed to combine both annuals and perennials that are specifically selected to feed one particular pollinator at a time, offering a variety of shapes and sizes for different pollinating friends. The combinations of perennial and annual varieties are selected to match in grower culture, making it simple for the growers to produce a fully flowering combination at retail, but also promising that they will continue to flower all season for the consumer. 

Pollinator’s Paradise, like the rest of the Garden Party program from Dümmen Orange, works well when planting all the components as rooted liners together, ensuring an even finish of bloom times and habits across all varieties. The perennials selected for the combinations are first-year flowering, so they will match up perfectly in the greenhouse with the annuals. And varieties have been selected for continuous flower power, making them successful for consumers all summer long. The combinations can be treated as annuals, if used in planters or have the one mainstay perennial return next year, if planted in the ground. 

Tailored combo offerings that will be available onsite at CAST 2021 include Bee Lovely, Butterfly Breeze, Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Song.

The Dümmen Orange CAST 2021 display will be located at 6464 Ana Bay Road in San Luis Obispo, Calif. All interested CAST 2021 attendees must confirm a visit time prior to the show. Dümmen’s trial schedule is 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on June 23 through June 27, 2021. To view the Pollinators Paradise program up close at CAST 2021, please schedule a meeting time with Dümmen Orange at cast@dummenorange.com.   

For more details about Dümmen Orange, please visit na.dummenorange.com

About Dümmen Orange

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