Dutch Breeder Knst Unveils Alstroemeria

The variety Konst Whistler has got all the ingredients to be a success just like Whistler a fabulous ski area near Vancouver, Canada, host town for the Olympic winter games 2010. With introducing Whistler we came a step closer to a good white hybrid without a yellow heart.

Fuji can be compared with whistler in terms of quality, flower size and production. The production might even be a little higher. The flower head break during warmer an humid periods. This is a disadvantage of Fuji. In countries like Colombia, with a very stable climate this is not a problem. In other countries with a warmer and humid climate, Fuji is very difficult to grow. KonstWhistler doesn’t show this braking problem.

Konst Himalaya is our latest white. The heat tolerancy of KonstHimalaya is not that good. A 3 star variety we tell our customers at the moment. Konst Whistler is with 3,5 till 4 stars more heat tolerant than Konst Himalaya. Compared to Konst Himalaya stem quality and flower size of Konst Whistler is a little less.

We estimate the production at 260-280 stems without soil cooling and artificial lighting.

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