Dutch Flower Group: “There is no Future Without Sustainability”

Sustainability is at the heart of the Dutch Flower Group (DFG). It has been fully integrated in the company strategy. “We believe that we have to take responsibility”, says corporate social responsibility manager Raimon Loman. How does the world’s largest export company in flowers and plants do this?

With a turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros, the company realizes that it can make an impact on the floriculture chain. “Thanks to our scale size, we can take initiatives to work sustainably and to raise awareness about the theme of sustainability, but we cannot do this by ourselves. Sustainability concerns everyone.”


DFG is working on corporate social responsibility with all companies in the family. “That is one of the pillars of our strategy. For example, that means transparent and fair trade, sustainable deployment of employees and a volume of at least 90% of sustainably purchased products. Furthermore, our buildings are energy-efficient and CO2 reduction is an important theme.” DFG’s activities in the area of sustainability are connected to the so-called Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. “Every company in our family has a sustainability ambassador who is responsible for sustainability only. The strategy is provided by DFG, but the individual companies make the policies. The only objective that DFG truly enforces is the FSI objective that by 2020 90% of our purchased flowers and plants has to be produced sustainably.”

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