DVFlora Part 2 of 4: BellaRosa Premium Quality Roses

After kicking off the first week of our 4 part series introducing new Ecuadorian rose farms with Qualisa, we thought it would only be fitting to transition to BellaRosa. After all, they are within miles of each other just north of Quito, which offers the same optimal growing conditions for producing high-quality cut roses.

Another similarity is that while they are not a new farm to the industry, our customers have been seeing more of their selections in our availability recently. They are also now featured in our 22-23 Cream of the Crop Standing Order program, which offers a custom box section for you to create your own special mix of select colors from each of the featured growers.

BellaRosa’s rich history of growing premium roses started in 1996 and now includes a catalog of 76 varieties produced in 60 hectares of greenhouse space. The farm is a model for other rose growers, which focuses heavily on state of the art water treatment systems, on-site microbiological research, automated production chains, and permanent innovation in designs and colors for tinted roses.

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