Ecoscaping Trend Is Revolutionizing Landscaping

As revealed in the ASLA 2018 Residential Landscape Architectural Trends Survey, consumer demand for ecoscaping and sustainability continues to be a major force in ornamental landscaping.  Homeowners are looking to reduce their lawn areas and add native/adapted drought-tolerant plants to create low-maintenance landscapes. 

Water restrictions, tight schedules that leave no time for spraying for pests and diseases, and environmental concerns have all contributed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to the old-fashioned lawn and flower garden.

The new sustainable yard relies heavily on tough-yet-beautiful plants that need less care and are naturally able to resist disease without the need for loads of chemical sprays. These drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants not only make gardening easier and less time consuming, but they also result in a more sustainable and natural-looking landscape.

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