Effects of FloraLife Lisianthus Flower Food

Lisianthus is a crop that needs continuous flower food supply postharvest for optimum vase life, flowering percentage, and petal color intensity results. Lisianthus is usually harvested when a stem has a couple of open flowers. These flowers have an intense color. The buds that open later usually have a paler color, up to the stage that the color has basically vanished.

In this image, you can see that the color of the petals of a Lisianthus as well as its size are less vibrant and smaller for blooms that open later. Flower 1 in the image opened first in the field. The other 4 flowers opened post-harvest and with time, the blooms were opening lighter in color and smaller in size.
As the market prefers an intense color, FloraLife developed a specific flower food product, FloraLife® Lisianthus Flower Food, which improves the petal color intensity, but also vase life, flowering percentage (the percentages of buds that developed into open flowers) and flower size.

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