Everde Growers Announces Acquisition of La Verne Nursery, Inc.

HOUSTON, Tex. – Everde Growers, announced the company’s acquisition of La Verne Nursery, Inc. with an expectation to close by July 1st. The purchase follows several strategic acquisitions in Florida, California, and Oregon, culminating in a companywide rebrand in December 2020.

La Verne Nursery was founded in 1972 and is a premier grower of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit in containers ranging from #1 containers to 24″ boxed trees. Located in Piru, California, the company has 100 acres in production, with 2 acres of greenhouses, 2.5 acres of shade houses, 5 acres of screen houses and 120 year round employees.

“The acquisition of La Verne Nursery is the next evolution in our commitment to the edible category,” stated Jonathan Saperstein, CEO of Everde Growers. “We look forward to welcoming the La Verne team into our family and utilizing the strengths of both teams to create an even stronger combined company.”

The La Verne nursery location will immediately be integrated with Everde Growers’ 14 other farm locations and the size and variety of the plant mix will remain the same. “The acquisition of La Verne Nursery will strengthen our offering of stone fruits, citrus and tropical fruits which have continued to increase in consumer demand for a number of years,” said David Kirby, Executive Vice President of Everde Growers. “The expertise of the team in propagation, grafting and overall growing methods on these crops will add tremendous value to Everde Growers, providing us with key insights as we further solidify our best growing practices companywide.”

Richard Wilson, CEO of LaVerne Nursery states “When we met with Everde Growers about the sale of La Verne Nursery, we knew it was the right fit. The La Verne team views this as an excellent opportunity to expand our capabilities and strengthen customer relationships. We look forward to a bright future with Everde Growers.”

About Everde Growers
Everde Growers is a privately-owned business headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 15 farms totaling over 6,800 production acres across Texas, Florida, Oregon, and California. The company has a coast-to-coast footprint for its broad mix of high-quality plants that includes over 5,000 unique selections. To learn more about Everde Growers, visit www.everde.com.