Evolution in Floristry After Covid

Last Thursday the ‘Danziger Live’ webinar with Gregor Lersch and Alison Bradley gave everyone who attended a huge insight into Gregor’s view of the future of the floral industry post COVID.  We were thrilled and touched that Gregor went ahead with the webinar given the horrific floods that tore his town apart.  True professional that he is – he didn’t want to let anyone down and – he didn’t!  The webinar lasted more than 1.5 hours!

To watch the entire webinar, visit our ‘DANZIGER LIVE’ Facebook page

For those of you who missed it, we decided to highlight a few of the key points as follows:

For Florists

Gregor felt that it is essential, particularly these days, to follow a program of ongoing, broad spectrum education. 

In terms of events he said, “I think that the longing for coming together again in celebration and for events to make people happy will certainly be the initial response.” 

In terms of the style of design, Gregor felt that, certainly to begin with, there will a return to romantic styles and opulent use of flowers.  And for Event Designers he said, “OMG when COVID struck I thought what shall the Event people do?   But if you have survived until now, you will have work again.”

For Growers

Gregor felt that there will be a lot of outdoor Events when there will be a lot of garden-style flowers and foliage used.  He felt that romantic flowers, warm colors, and volume will be prevalent as the world begins to open up again.  

For Retailers

A question came in from a florist who works mostly online from her studio but who wanted to open a small retail space to increase her visibility.  “Sharpen the edge of what you are doing”, said Gregor “if you are in an urban situation, you don’t need a very big space, but you do need a space that people can come and see.  As a florist, don’t trust too much what your product is, make it even nicer.”  In other words, make your designs unique.

Social Media

Alison Bradley said, “Don’t underestimate social media platforms.  When you post something on Instagram or Facebook think not only about potential customers, but there are also researchers for magazines, TV and more watching too.  They all watch and those designers that succeed do so because they took the opportunity to show what they can do!”

You can watch the entire webinar on the Danziger Live Facebook page.  

The Danziger Live followers are invited to keep on asking questions related to the webinar on the live post on our page, and we would keep answering them all.


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