Fall P.R.E.P. – 6 Creative Ways to Provide Fall Décor to Your Customers

Fall is a fantastic time of year for many reasons, from the changing seasons to the start of a new school year and the promise of many holidays to come. But fall is also important because it’s the time of year when people fill their homes and offices with fall-themed decorations. And we’re not even talking about Christmas: People start decorating in September and keep at it for three full months before the Christmas holiday!

All those potential customers will likely visit their closest home design store or big box store to purchase decorations. But your flower shop can provide a wonderful alternative to the standard fall decorations that everyone else will have. Following are five ways to show that your shop can deliver something unique and different, so you can tap into this huge fall decorating market.

1. Offer a Unique Alternative

While most home décor, big box, and home improvement stores will carry the same types of decorations, your store can do something different. That’s because you can offer unique, hand-crafted, specialty items that other stores can’t.

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