Five Reasons to Petal it Forward on October 20, 2021

The Society of American Florists’ seventh annual goodwill initiative, Petal It Forward, will be here in a few short weeks. Why should retailers participate in the event on October 20? 

1. Unadulterated Joy

Petal It Forward aims to show people that it’s a pleasure to receive flowers — but it’s even more fulfilling to give them. The more the public experiences this, the more consumers recognize that flowers make thoughtful, emotional and memorable gifts. But it’s not just customers who can benefit from witnessing the life-changing, mood-altering effects flowers can have. Veteran participants have countless anecdotes of smiles, tears, hugs and poignant stories — memories that remind them why they’re in this business.

“It’s truly one of our favorite days of the year,” says Lesa Fenwick, owner of Candlelight Floral & Gifts in Wayzata, Minnesota. “We’re typically on a high for a couple of days after the event with all the happiness we spread and receive!”

Given the unusual amount of stress retailers have sustained for months on end — from difficulty finding workers, fresh products, and hard goods to the constant fear of virus transmission, quarantines and shutdowns —everyone deserves to have one positive day.

2. Increased Community Cred

Petal It Forward is a highly visible event that can do wonders for your business reputation. Reporters love covering the giveaway, both in the days leading up to it and its aftermath.

“It’s great publicity,” says Mike Whittle, owner of K. Mike Whittle Designs in Marietta, Georgia, who has locals thanking him for the free flowers long after Petal It Forward has passed. Big-hearted events position you as a beloved and trusted member of the community, and make it more likely that locals will support you rather than big box stores or online competitors.

3. Marketing Potential Galore

Petal It Forward provides real-life evidence of the various university studies SAF has commissioned. In one day, you can collect a trove of powerful images, videos and stories to use year-round to illustrate the emotional power of your product. Click here to read how a few SAF members market Petal It Forward before, during and after the event.

4. Opportunities for New Partnerships

You don’t have to rely solely on staff to serve as happiness ambassadors. Volunteers from a variety of local organizations including scouts, sports teams, religious groups, women’s auxiliaries, and service clubs can be invited to help. In return, those organizations receive publicity from partnering with your business, while your business benefits from exposure to their friends and family.

5. Power in Numbers

The more businesses that participate in Petal It Forward, the more successful it will be. Because it occurs in cities around the globe on the same day, it attracts the attention of major media outlets for even greater coverage.

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