Floral Businesses Are Blooming in 2021

As we head into the holiday season, the demand for flowers is continuing to grow like crazy. The wedding season was hectic, as so many people held their previously postponed ceremonies. And demand for fresh flowers shows no signs of slowing down. This is excellent news and shows the power of flowers and the resilience of the floral industry!

Yet, we face the continued reality of supply challenges. Supply shortages are ever-present, at a time when demand is reaching a peak. SAF recently published an article about the challenges facing the floral industry as we head into the holidays. We’ve summarized the key points from that article here, and we also offer some ideas on how you can rise above the challenges and succeed.

South America Farms Face Supply and Weather Difficulties

With the onset of COVID-19 last year, many farms anticipated the worst and decided to pull plants and cut production. These drastic yet necessary measures left the farms scrambling to meet the demand when it took off just a few months later. And now, even though farms have planted new crops and have started to recover, the continued high demand is stressing the supply.

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