Floricultura Focuses On Long Vase Life Phalaenopsis Varieties

Floricultura is set to showcase a large selection of its long vase life Phalaenopsis varieties at IPM Essen, Germany. A vase life (or shelf life) of 110 days is becoming more standard in the industry, and by offering these varieties, the breeding and propagation specialist is catering for the ever-increasing demand for houseplants with longer shelf life.

Strong demand from consumers and retailers
“In recent years, we’ve focused on selecting varieties for long vase life, alongside ornamental value, spike characteristics and overall performance”, says Floricultura CEO Ronald van Geest. “That approach is now starting to pay off, and we’re able to respond to the ever-increasing demand from consumers and retailers. Consumers in particular are becoming more aware of the footprint and impact of floriculture products. A long vase life is an important aspect of the purchasing decision when buying a Phalaenopsis. For our customers, the growers, long flowering Phalaenopsis varieties are a great way to position themselves.”

26 varieties with a vase life of at least 110 days
Floricultura now stocks 26 different varieties of Phalaenopsis with a confirmed vase life of at least 110 days. Untold Stories from the Lingua series currently tops the rankings, with a flowering period of 170+ days. The white Cliffhanger and pink Gallery Play varieties also show an impressive blooming period of 150+ days.

Tested by Royal FloraHolland
All Floricultura Phalaenopsis varieties are subject to ongoing testing by the Postharvest Knowledge Centre at Royal FloraHolland. This ensures that tests are conducted consistently and by a neutral party.

About Floricultura
Floricultura has specialised in the propagation of tropical plants since 1933. With sites in the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Poland, China and the US, Floricultura grows a wide range of orchids, anthuriums and spathiphyllums for every grower, every climate zone and every kind of consumer. For more information, visit Floricultura.com.