Floricultura Obtains MPS-GAP Certification

In August 2019 Floricultura obtained MPS-GAP as well as GOBALG.A.P. certification in the Netherlands. ‘Not only does our production process require a great deal of meticulous care and attention, so do our employees. Through this certification we wish to emphasise that Floricultura guarantees quality and sustainability. This enables us to satisfy the demands imposed by the market with regard to transparency and traceability,’ explains Wart van Zonneveld, who is responsible for Floricultura’s sustainability policy. ‘It is admirable to see how Floricultura contributes to continuously enhancing the sustainability of the chain’, says Jeroen Oudheusden, director of the international Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a priority with regard to how Floricultura conducts its business. Making a positive contribution to the environment is part of this. Not only that: ensuring good employment conditions is also something for which Floricultura takes responsibility. Floricultura has been MPS-ABC certified for many years and also obtained its MPS-ProductProof certificate last year. Thanks to its recent GLOBALG.A.P. certification, which includes GRASP, Floricultura will continue to guarantee quality and sustainability. As a member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) this certification enables Floricultura to meet the conditions imposed by the FSI with regard to the sustainable production of plants.

Floricultura employees proud of the MPS-GAP certificate.

Policy objectives
Sustainability has been one of Floricultura’s foremost priorities for many years. The company is continually engaged in making adjustments to enhance the sustainability of its production process. This means that in addition to social measures Floricultura is continually seeking new ways to place less strain on the environment. This includes the use of renewable energy sources, the reuse of raw materials and restricting emissions. An example of this is the construction of the geothermal heat well with which Floricultura has been sustainably heating its greenhouses for several years now.

About Floricultura
Floricultura has been a specialist in propagation material for tropical plants since 1993. With branches in the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Taiwan and the USA Floricultura enables every nursery to grow a wide range of orchids and anthuriums for every climate zone and type of end customer. For more information, please visit: floricultura.com.