Floricultura Offers FlowerTrials 2020 interactive Video

The annually held Flower Trials have been cancelled as a result of the worldwide corona crisis. No doubt this crisis has hit you in some form. Although measures will gradually become less tight, travelling to the Netherlands during these days is probably not something you would immediately consider. And quite frankly, we fully understand. However, we still would like to give you a taste of what we normally do in June; inspiration and new varieties.

Interactive and animated video
We want to reach out to you. So we have developed an interactive and animated video for you. A digital way to browse through our Phalaenopsis range and to discover new varieties.

Phalaenopsis Eccentrix series
One of the highlights is the Phalaenopsis Eccentrix series. It is a series of Phalaenopsis varieties that don’t meet the traditional definitions. With the Eccentrix series, you definitely draw the attention of your customers. So click on this link to get an interactive taste for our 2020 range. Should you have any questions, please contact one of our account managers.

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