Florists Leave Omaha With Renewed Energy, Actionable Tips

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Eager to start 2018 on a high note, 121 floral industry members gathered in Omaha, Nebraska, on January 14 for the latest installment in the Society of American Florists' popular 1-Day Profit Blast series. There, they filled up notebooks with ideas big and small that will help them emotionally connect with consumers, increase their online visibility, improve their company culture, streamline deliveries and ultimately raise their profitability.

Iris Zimmerman wasted no time applying advice from speaker Rakini Chinery, AAF, AzMF, who recommended florists share personal posts on social media, so customers feel connected to the people behind the flowers. The following morning, after arriving home from Profit Blast at midnight, the owner of Iris Blossoms Flower Shop in Clearwater, Kansas, made her first Facebook video to engage her fans.

"At my conference, we talked about the importance of letting people into our world so they see how the magic happens, so I'm going to try to do one of these once a week so we get better acquainted," she said in her video introduction.

She then talked briefly about Profit Blast, namely her excitement to learn new tips from industry experts, and ended by educating listeners about online search results, why consumers get the best value ordering directly from a local florist and how to make sure you're not falling into a deceptive advertiser's trap.

"Had no idea!" commented one customer.

Like Zimmerman, Sara Reyes Sudman found the program had actionable items she could put to work immediately. "I know that I can increase my profitability by making a few changes," said the owner of Fields Floral in Lincoln, Nebraska, adding that she's attended numerous conferences in various industries and frequently experienced buyer's remorse, as they didn't teach her much.

"At the end of the day, I want to attend a conference that helps me improve my bottom line," she said. "SAF's 1-Day Profit Blast did just that."

 "I came away with great ideas for saving money and promoting our shop," echoed Lisa Yancey, floral manager of Hy-Vee in Papillion, Nebraska. "I already love my job, but this renewed the passion and encouraged me to embrace new trends."

SAF 1-Day Profit Blast in Omaha, sponsored by the Bill Doran Company, offered detailed advice on design, finance, technology and sales:

Fourth-generation florist Laura Daluga, AIFD, of The Department of Floristry in Ann Arbor, Michigan, shared enchanting designs that maximize negative space and thoughtful ways to appeal to consumers' emotions in "Exceeding the Demands of Today's Gift Givers," a presentation sponsored by Smithers-Oasis.

Paul Goodman, CPA, MBA, PFCI, author of "The Profit Minded Florist" and a Floral Management columnist, offered tips to increase efficiency in "A Roadmap for Profitable Deliveries."

In "Driving Local Orders to Your Shop," Rakini Chinery, AAF, AzMF, owner of Allan's Flowers in Prescott, Arizona, explained ways to increase online visibility.

Sales and customer service guru Tim Huckabee, the founder of Floral Strategies, broke down bad habits that drag sales numbers and simple tweaks to reverse them in "Smart Selling LIVE." (Check out Huckabee's latest Smart Selling column in Floral Management.)

"If Profit Blast comes within 300 or so miles of your shop, go! It is more than worth the drive," said Renee Polreis, AIFD, manager of Nepstad's Flowers in Mitchell, South Dakota, who traveled more than 500 miles round-trip to Omaha. "The information you get at this event will help you run your everyday business on the next level."

SAF's 1-Day Profit Blast is gearing up for three other dates in 2018. Check to see if the can't miss event — packed with design, sales, technology and management education, along with a Supplier Showcase — is coming to a city near you! 


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