FSI 2025: Enhancing Sustainability in Floriculture

Building on 2020 achievements, FSI members outline new and ambitious objectives for 2025.

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI): a vision for more sustainable floriculture

FSI multistakeholder members, including producers, traders and retailers have set ambitious aims with a bold strategic plan for enhancing responsibility and transparency within the floriculture supply chain by 2025.

Milestone achievements pave the way for further progress

We have a lot to celebrate. Compliance, transparency and consumer awareness of sustainability in floriculture have improved, accompanied by more stringent market and legal requirements, globally. Many challenges have been felt across the entire supply chain since the 2020 pandemic, but simultaneously, we have also seen accelerated innovations in digitalization, robust data collection practices and multilateral decision-making further enhancing the resilience of the sector.

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