Hamifleurs December Promo: Amaryllis

Following November’s great offer from Kneppers Rozen, in which an iPad2 could be won, there is a new special offer for the month of December.

This time, we’ve chosen the Amaryllis flower from Kwekerij Liberty, Kwekerij Martinique and Kwekerij Lookhoorn. For two weeks now, Amaryllises have been included in our Direct From Growers range, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to highlight this beautiful winter flower.

Kwekerij Liberty has been growing Amaryllises for 10 years and is specialised in heavier quality flowers. This is achieved by cultivating heavier types of flowers and sorting the stems with great care according to quality. The range at Kwekerij Liberty consists of: Liberty, Ferrari, Mont Blanc, Christmas Gift, Mega Star, Hercules, Nagano, Naranja, Tosca and Double Roma.

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