HBA Presents Color Poster Cut Hydrangea

Breeder HBA from De Kwakel developed a color poster. The poster shows how the cut hydrangeas from the Royal series change their flower colors spectacularly during the season. The color poster is a tool for growers and buyers to communicate clearly about the different color stages. Download a pdf of the color poster.

The poster shows the different color stages of both the blued and the non-blued Royal varieties from HBA. The HBA cut hydrangeas show an enormously varied color range throughout the season. For example, Royal Wedding changes from bright white at the beginning of the season to deep red in September/October. Also stunning is the change of Royal Opera: the bright pink flower heads change color to dusky pink as the season progresses, and ends the season with a pink-red color flash. And the color stages of the blued Royal Palace develop from bright blue through moss green to purplish red.

The color poster offers cut hydrangea growers  a view of ​​the various color stages in which the varieties can be brought to the auction.

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