High Expectations Of Plantarium 2018

IJsselstein – Plantipp BV has signed up various novelties for the novelties inspection at Plantarium 2018. These varieties are all top-of-the range so the expectations are high. In addition to the entries for the inspection, even more introductions will be shown at the stand of Plantipp.

The Euonymus japonicus 'White Spire' deserves extra attention. This variety comes from the breeder Theo Wouters. Unfortunately, he passed away recently so he will not be able to experience the introduction of this stable and homogeneous, white variegated Euonymus. But he was proud of his 'White Spire' and Plantipp sincerely hopes for an award.

Agastache Beelicious® Purple ('Agapd') is a beautiful, compact perennial plant with large, purple flowers. Also Penstemon Purple Perfection ('Pmoore14') is a strong and compact perennial. Purple Perfection has very large clusters of flowers with two-coloured flowers. Carex morrowii Evercolor® 'Everglow' has a lovely orange glow in the foliage. A winter green eye-catcher! Farfugium japonicum 'Wavy Gravy’ is a special foliage plant with its ruffled leaves. Nepeta Neptune ('Bokratune') is the first compact kubicana-hybrid. Miscanthus sinensis Pink Cloud® ('EMPMIS02') flowers earlier, longer and over more layers than the traditional Miscanthus and is an asset to the assortment.

Hydrangea aspera spp sargentiana Goldrush ('Giel’) is a new cultivar with beautiful, golden leaves that combine great with the purple with white flowers. And are there any more innovations in the paniculata-assortment possible? Yes! Hydrangea paniculata Little Spooky ('GRHP08') is a dwarf variety with full, round flower plumes and a very strong habit. Hydrangea paniculata Skyfall ('Frenne') has not only large flower plumes but the large flowers are very similar to those of the hyacinth. Also this Hydrangea has a strong habit.

There are also various fruit shrubs to admire. Malus transitoria Appletini ('Gulliver') has a rich fruit set and gives bright red, edible apples in the fall. Morus rotundiloba Mojo Berry ('Matsunaga') is a surprising Mulberry that is bushy and compact and gives fruit over a long period. Rubus idaeus BonBonBerry® Yummy ('Jdeboer19') gives delicious raspberries on one-year old wood. Without thorns so picking without poking! Vaccinium corymbosum Flamingo ('Hoogi045') has elegant, variegated foliage and also gives lots of sweet fruits.

Photinia fraseri Chico ('BR2011') has a compact, spherical habitus and fine foliage. Big advantage is that Chico does not suffer from branch dieback. Another compact introduction is Physocarpus opulifolius Little Greeny ('Hoogi031'). Little Greeny has small, fine foliage as well. Great for on the terrace or balcony. Prunus laurocerasus Copperbell ('Procup') is a Novita-type and has striking bright red, new shoots. Prunus laurocerasus 'Obelisk'®, by contrast, has light green, new shoots which also contrast with the dark green leaves.

Sempervivum Coral Red ('Belsemred1') has a bright red colour, a good branching and a strong rooting system. An easy plant in terms of maintenance. And last but not least, two new introductions of the Sedum Sunsparkler®-series. ‘Lime Twister’ has unique, variegated foliage and pale pink flowers. ‘Plum Dazzled’ has a dark purple foliage colour that combines nicely with the raspberry-coloured flowers.

These introductions can be admired from 22 to 24 August during Plantarium 2018. Visit us at booth number 19. All introductions of Plantipp are protected by European Plant Breeders’ Rights.

About Plantipp

Plantipp is specialized in royalty management and represents breeders of ornamental plants worldwide. Currently, 250 varieties are managed and promoted by Plantipp in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Japan, Israel and South Africa. Plantipp has a passion for plants and respects its breeders.

Source: Plantipp