HilverdaKooij and Florist Holland Continue as HilverdaFlorist

From September 1st HilverdaKooij and Florist Holland will start to work under the brand name HilverdaFlorist. This step signifies the merge that will be finalized between the two companies by March 2020. During the upcoming season the name will be implemented in all our communication and the company processes will be combined in phases. 

HilverdaFlorist is the supplier of high quality starting plant material for the complete assortment in Cut Flowers and Pot & Bedding plants.

Our complete assortment in Pot & Bedding plants consists of: Echinacea, Salvia, Hellebore, Garvinea Garden Gerbera, Alstroemeria Annual & Perennial, Dahlia, Carnations, Patio Gerbera, Pot Gerbera. And the following Cut Flower varieties: Gerbera, Limonium, Alstroemeria, Carnation, Hellebores, Gypsophila, Scabiosa.   

The next milestone
HilverdaFlorist will be situated at the current location of Florist Holland after the construction of the new buildings have been finalized. New land has been acquired to create new production facilities for the production of young plants and seeds. In autumn the expansion of the office, the shipping hall, production and breeding department will start. The next phase is the construction of the greenhouses and industrial buildings. In addition, the construction of a new R&D laboratory and a multilayer cultivation system are planned for realization. An intensive project in which the focus is on investment in automation and sustainable, innovative cultivation and breeding techniques.

Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij are merging as from March 2020. By combining our knowledge and resources, we are able to further improve and expand our assortment. The joint focus is, among other things, on investing in automation and innovative cultivation and breeding techniques. We’re looking forward to take this step together and build towards a stronger business.