Holex Expands Facility With Vacuum Cooler

Are you familiar with the method of vacuum cooling? Vacuum cooling is a modern pre-cooling method to ensure a high quality of fresh products during long-term transport, at the beginning of the shipment journey.

In 25 Minutes To The Perfect Transportation Temperature

Recently we installed a vacuum cooler in our facility! It works like this: a packed shipment of cut flowers is put in a special air-tight space, where in 25 minutes the temperature of the products is reduced to a temperature between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal product temperature for cut flower air freight shipments to deliver to the airlines.

Pre-cooling: A Worldwide Quality Promise

Our vacuum cooler can handle up to 8 pallets per treatment. As you may know, the Holex facility already has a number of pre-cooling units in the expedition cold store. With the commissioning of this new vacuum cooler our promise of delivering the best quality fresh cut flowers, anywhere in the world can be fulfilled even better.

In association with FlowerWatch, Holex has started registering and monitoring the quality criteria regarding the vacuum cooling of air shipments, in order to be the first flower export company that receives the “FlowerWatch Quality Standard for Global Flower Supply Chain”.

Vacuum Cooler Solves Logistical Challenges

Managing Director Paul Hoogenboom: ‘Holex Flower is expanding rapidly to distant markets, which entail considerable logistical challenges when we look at product temperatures and quality level. This new vacuum cooler is a welcome addition to our facility and shipping process, and with the use of  it, we can maintain our high quality standards.’

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Source: Holex