How Sustainable Practices Can Grow Your Floral Business

With the current situation on the planet, sustainability is a growing concern for everyone, particularly for Generation Z. According to a recent survey by the consulting company Deloitte, climate change and protecting the environment is the number one concern for Gen Z.

This generation of younger consumers is passionate about the planet’s health, and they make their feelings known through their purchasing decisions. Gen Z is also willing to spend more on sustainable products, according to a 2020 report by analytics company First Insight. 73% of Gen Z consumers surveyed said they would pay more, and 54% said they’d pay 10% extra for a sustainably made product.

These numbers reflect a significant shift in how consumers make purchasing decisions, and companies that adopt sustainable practices will be in a far better position to succeed. In essence, sustainable practices are not just vital for the environment; they’re also an excellent way to grow your floral business.

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