How to Capitalize On 2022 Wedding Trends to Grow Your Floral Business

It’s wedding season again, and all those weddings that couples postponed in 2020 and 2021 are flooding in this year! And the pandemic didn’t just postpone wedding dates; it also affected the way people are choosing to celebrate their weddings. We wanted to make sure you had all the most current information on these wedding trends, so you can take advantage of them to increase your floral business. To that end, here are seven top trends for 2022 weddings:

1. More Outdoor Weddings

Thanks to continued restrictions in some areas on indoor gatherings, more couples are opting to hold their wedding outdoors. This can be as simple as a backyard wedding, or far more involved and complex, like a wedding in a resort, at a working farm, or on the beach. And while this outdoor wedding trend is bigger than ever, it’s not new. According to the online research company Statista, the popularity of outside weddings grew from 57 percent in 2019 to 68 percent in 2020.

Tap into this trend by ensuring you have plenty of outdoor wedding images in your promotions. That way, potential customers will know that you can easily adapt to an outdoor setting as needed.

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