Hydrangea Breeders Association Innovations in Shelf Life Study 2021

De Kwakel – HBA has a number of new pot hydrangeas in the cold store for 2021. These novelties will be included in the standard shelf life study that HBA carries out at its own location in De Kwakel from February.

New in the HBA pot range are Florentina (light pink, double-flowered, suitable for pot sizes 14-23 cm), Baladia (dark pink, suitable for large pot sizes), Fabolo (very easy to blue), Ice Boy (bright white, suitable for large pot sizes) ) and a surprise that is still under number and of which HBA has high expectations. HBA presents a number of novelties with a short video on the Agriom youtube channel.

Shelf life

At its own location in De Kwakel, HBA has a special test facility for shelf life research where living room conditions are simulated in terms of light level, temperature and humidity. “Consumers have high expectations. A long shelf life is important and contributes extra value to the plant,” says HBA pot-hydrangea specialist Jan ten Brinke. “That’s why we pay a lot of attention to this. Varieties that do not pass the shelf life test will not be introduced to the market.”

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