IFTF Anticipates its 10th Year

Vijfhuizen – Next month is the month where Holland will be the host country of the trade event for the world floriculture industry. The international floriculture trade exhibition IFTF will then again be held in Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen, almost next door to its neighbor Schiphol, Amsterdam’s International Airport. IFTF is already in its 10th edition and growing, despite the rough waters in which the floriculture and many other industries have to peddle its way through.

The world economic growth has been slowing down since last year and is obviously affecting the flower industry as well. A normal stage in the upward and downward economical trend, which happens every 7 to 9 years and actually not being any different this time. But there are factors present now, in fact quite a few, compared to what we have seen in the traditional past, that are influencing the economic development waves this time. The trade war between China and USA, the Brexit threat, The war (threats)in the Middle East, to name a few, make it all more complicated and more difficult to predict how the business cycle will develop. However the flower industry has proven in the past over and over again to be strong with an enormous adaptability. It is therefore without doubt that also this time it will resist any difficulty and keep on growing as always.

It is a great chance for everybody in the international flower business to have one of world’s biggest and most important platforms coming up soon. A place under one roof, where all current threats & opportunities can be discussed directly, face to face, in the most basic way, but also the most effective one!

For more information on the IFTF trade exhibition, please visit www.iftf.nl.