Insights From a Floral Wholesaler

In a recent issue of SAF’s Floral Management magazine, contributing writer Julie Martens Forney interviewed Bill LaFever, PFCI, President of Bill Doran Company. His insights and tips for Mother’s Day were so helpful that we wanted to share them with our LivRio readers. Here are a few key takeaways from his interview:

Pre-order Your Mother’s Day Hardgoods Now

One of the main concerns Mr. LaFever voiced in his interview was the ability to get enough hardgoods. “I see a shortage of containers for Mother’s Day,” he said. “In a typical year, we can get anything we need, but this year isn’t that.” His advice? “Work with your local supplier to get your pre-orders in—definitely order glass and flowers in advance. Don’t overpromise on anything.”

Line Up Flower Alternates

Mr. LaFever mentioned weather-related issues related to supplies of certain flowers. “There will be hiccups,” he said. “For instance, a smaller Ecuadorean rose grower we work with has already told us that he knows he’s missed Mother’s Day due to weather. He is offering us less than half of the roses we normally purchase from him.” Due to this, Mr. LaFever recommends that florists line up second choices for flower varieties—and even with that, be prepared for substitutions.

To read the rest of the story, please go to: Rio Roses / Equiflor