It’s Viburnum Season at Sun Valley

We grow our Snowball Viburnum in Willow Creek, CA. Although our fields are just 40 miles inland from our Arcata farm, the climate is vastly different. Growing in the mountains always mean the potential for big temperature swings but this year the temperature has been especially erratic and pushed our Viburnum harvest back several weeks. At long last, we have a bountiful harvest of these colorful stems!

Viburnum season is broken into two distinct segments. Early season produces soft yellow-green clusters on long, woody stems.

The late season is when the blooms mature to a luxurious ivory color giving them their characteristic nickname, “Snowballs.”

Whether you prefer the early-season green or late-season white, one thing is certain—Viburnum season is brief and will fly by! These puffy beauties are always popular but we are seeing an even greater demand this year.

Call or email your rep today and order your Snowballs before they go poof!

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