Japan Floriculture Export Association Join CFTF 2020

We are very thrilled to announce that Japan Floriculture Export Association (JFEA) has confirmed their participating of China International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair (CFTF) for the second time! You can find them at Booth No. M203-205-206 in Hall 2!

In 2017 JFEA showcased in CFTF over 20 cut flowers varieties, such as Gloriosa, Aster, Array, and so on. The excellent quality of their flowers piqued the interest of Chinese importers on site, and many of them have maintained a partnership with JFEA ever since. 

After 2 years , JFEA is back to CFTF again, and cannot wait to show you their latest varieties, including Flame Lily, Sweet Pea, Garden Dahlia, Lisianthus, Peony, Christmas Bell, Double White May, Rugosa Rose, Tweedia, Roof Iris, Sweet Scabious,  Flannel Flower, Mao Gen, Ornamental Onion, and etc. 

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