Japan Outdoes Itself During Flora Test Floriade

The VKC, the Dutch institute for registration and judging in the ornamental horticulture sector, has reported the results of the Spring Contest inspections it recently held during the Floriade 2012. Many of the gold medals, it turns out, were won by entries from Japan.

The number of Dutch flower and plant products that were entered into the VKC competition remained far below initial expectations, judging coordinator Rob van der Voort commented. That may in part be the reason why the Japanese managed to take home so many of the trophies, he suggested.

Four product categories were entirely dominated by the participants from Japan; the cut flowers, the tub and terrace plants, the bulbs and root crops, as well as the orchids. The four winners in those categories were, consecutively:
Eustoma grandiflorum 'Kikoushi ' – 9,50 points (Noboru Sase, in Chiba)

  • Cymbidium Shinnou – 9,90 points (Kawano Mericlone, in Tokushima)
  • Clematis 'Kitahama' – 9,30 points (Hasegawa Engei, in Ibaraki)
  • Ranunculus asiaticus Bigger White – 9,70 points (Flower Spirit, in Nagano).

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