Jet Fresh Flowers Announces New Location

New Year, New Office! With the start of a new year, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc. proudly announces the grand opening of our brand new office. Finally our entire team will be together in the same building to better serve you, the customer.

About our new office:

– Jet Fresh Flowers & Jet Fresh Wholesale by the Bunch (formerly known as the Jet Fresh Outlet) are now all under one roof. So now you can buy premium quality flowers by the box AND by the bunch with just one stop.

– Connected to the new JA Flower Service building.
With our new location, your flowers are going to be even fresher than ever! We'll be located right next door to the new JA Flower Service building, where we can seamlessly receive pallets within moments upon arrival from the airport, without ever leaving the cooler.

– Stretch your legs out, we've got leg room now.
After 5 years of bumping into each other's backs in that tiny sales office, our sales team finally has some room to stretch. Which also means more space for you too! Come sit with your sales rep and enjoy a hot cup of Jet Fresh coffee while your buy your flowers in comfort.

– New testing grounds
As we close the doors on the old Jet Fresh office, we also retire the original Rose Wall–in order to make room for the Rose Wall 3.0! With an even bigger display, this tool will allow our sales team to truly learn about our flowers. We will be studying the color, size, life-span and overall performance of all of our flowers, in order to provide you with the best product and service as possible.

We are truly humbled and appreciative of all the great memories we have made in our first office; as well as all of the friends and family that have stopped by throughout the years. We thank you all for helping Jet Fresh become what we are today–we couldn't have done it without you!

So come on down and visit the new Jet Fresh office. And as always, thanks for Flying the Jet!

Source: Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc.