Jolt Dianthus Adds a Spark to Landscapes This Fall

If you’re looking for something to add just the right spark to your landscape this fall, look no further.

The LSU AgCenter has selected Jolt dianthus (Dianthus barbatus interspecific) as a 2019 fall Louisiana Super Plant. This cool-season bedding plant is great for full sun to partial sun exposure. Jolt has an upright and mounding growth habit, with plants growing 16 to 18 inches tall with a 12-to-14-inch spread. Jolt dianthus is an excellent bloomer for your landscape this fall, and its gorgeous blooms should last from October to May.

Some of the best cool-season bedding plants we have available in Louisiana are interspecific dianthus, and the Jolt series is no exception. Jolt offers a more compact interspecific dianthus when compared to Amazon dianthus (also named a Louisiana Super Plant in 2010). Jolt dianthus will continue to bloom and look good well into early summer when other dianthus throw in the towel, giving you that extra push to carry your landscape into the warm season.

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