Kahori Scarlet is Perennial Top Performer

The Dianthus Kahori® Scarlet was chosen as a perennial top performer by Colorado State University. A perennial is considered for the “Top Performer” award if it has maintained superior performance in the ground for two winters and three growing seasons in the Flower Trial Garden. The jury comment was:

“Very showy in the spring with a very vibrant color and attractive plants. Flower color was not a true scarlet but a beautiful shade of hot rose or cherry. Plants had superior winter hardiness that was consistent over three years and did not die out in the center as did many other Dianthus. Plants were attractive even when not in bloom with a nice tidy, compact growth habit.”

The Kahori Scarlet is part of our Beauties series. Beauties is a series of amazing Dianthus varieties with Remarkable vigour. These perennial varieties develop into perfect, low maintenance plants. They offer a fresh and bright palette of colour with elegant flowers. The Beaties series includes Olivia, Hana, Kahori and Silverado. Click here for more information about our Beauties varieties.

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