Kansas State Horticulture Student Named Shinoda Scholar of the Year

San Luis Obispo, Calif. – A Kansas State University horticulture student has earned the Shinoda Foundation’s most prestigious award. Renata Goosen, a junior from Potwin, Kansas, is the 2019-20 Shinoda Scholar of the Year, and receives a scholarship in the amount of $7,500.

“Renata’s problem-solving skills and work ethic set her apart, as well as her ability to work quickly while maintaining quality,” says Bob Otsuka, president of the Shinoda Foundation. “These are key attributes today’s horticulture companies seek, and just a few of the reasons why Renata is our newest Scholar of the Year.”

Renata is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Floriculture Production. “My career goal is to be part of a commercial operation that is forward-thinking, benefitting not only our industry, but also society as a whole,” she says.

In addition to the Shinoda Scholar of the Year award, Renata earned the Kansas State University Foundation Plus Scholarship, Buchanan Memorial Scholarship, Virginia N. Gibson Scholarship, George A. and Esther Filinger Scholarship, American Sheep Industry National Scholarship, Kansas Nursery & Landscape Association Scholarship and the National Association of Landscape Professionals Scholarship.

She has received Academic Honors from the Kansas State College of Agriculture and is a member of the Horticulture Club and the Kansas State University National Collegiate Landscape and Contracting Team.

The Shinoda Foundation Board of Trustees awarded eight scholarships this year totaling $23,500 and provided grants to the winners’ colleges and universities. Since 1965, The Shinoda Foundation has awarded more than $890,000 in scholarships to 706 students.

About the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Shinoda Foundation was established in 1964 under the auspices of the California State Florists’ Association in memory of the late Joseph Shinoda, a highly regarded pioneer of that state’s floral industry. The foundation’s purpose is to encourage educational opportunities for young people interested in entering the industry.

Information about applications for the Shinoda Foundation’s scholarships is sent each January to horticulture and floriculture departments at universities across the nation. Applications are available on the foundation’s website, www.shinodascholarship.org, and accepted from January until March 30 each year.

Details about making contributions to the foundation or about its scholarship program can also be obtained from its website, www.shinodascholarship.org, or by writing to: Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc., 962 Pecho St., Morro Bay, CA 93442, or Pat Broering at pbroerin@gmail.com.