Kientzler North America Announces New CAST 2022 Trial Site

SAN DIEGO – Kientzler North America will be participating in the California Spring Trials (CAST) 2022 and has a new exhibit site as the industry returns to its more familiar spring time setting. 

Kientzler is displaying at the Sakata Seed America Location and will open on Wed., March 30 through Sat., April 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily at 105 Boronda Road in Salinas, Calif.  

“We are very excited about participating in CAST 2022,” said Steve Rinehart, sales manager for Kientzler North America. “There is something truly special about being back together as an industry and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Sakata location in just a matter of weeks.” 

CAST is, of course, the major horticultural industry event that is famous for highlighting new varieties. 

A few new varieties from Kientzler that CAST 2022 attendees can grab a sneak peek at will be as colorful as they are memorable. These include: 

Begonia Summer Wings Compact Orange

The Summer Wings series of begonias are boliviensis hybrids which are the most reliable hybrids for all season performance in the garden. Summer Wings brings with it a grower-friendly attribute to this style of begonia. Having excellent, well-branched and compact habits which are much easier for shipping to retail, this style of begonia overcomes that general common problem. In the garden, this bullet-proof plant will flourish for consumers in gardens, containers and baskets. They can be completely covered with blooms throughout the summer months. 

Petunia Kuyamba Red

Red is the newest color in the Kuyamba series which was developed for outstanding landscaping performance. This is a vigorous series which naturally comes into flower in mid-spring. It has an unbeatable performance in the garden throughout the entire summer season and is a staple for commercial landscapes. 

Bidens Spicy Electric White

Spicy Electric White is an electrifying introduction for early spring programs. It has the most vivid highlighter yellow on pure white that has ever been seen in this class. The plants have a compact, upright habit, which makes them ideal for quarts and other small-size containers in early spring. They can also be incorporated into mixed combination planters with other cool season selections. 

Helianthus Suncatcher

Suncatcher is an industry breakthrough in the class of Helianthus. It provides retailers and gardeners with a hardy, perennial sunflower that continuously flowers from mid-summer through autumn across North America. This Zone 5, hardy North American native is also a pollinator magnet and matures on a tidy stature of 36 inches by 36 inches in the garden. For growers, it is best produced outdoors and makes an ideal partner for mums at retail.   

CAST 2022 is by appointment only as interested visitors can register to attend through the official event website and by booking a visit with Kientzler at the Sakata Seed America location.  

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