Let Your Personality Bloom: Rosaprima Spray Roses

Rosaprima works continuously to bring you the best quality products in the floral industry. For 2023, Rosaprima is introducing a new product line to its catalog: Spray Roses.

Rosaprima currently has 1 hectare under production just for spray roses and this year our plan is to add one more. We adore spray roses for their adaptability and wide range of colors! Spray roses are roses allowed to grow multiple blooms on a single stem rather than just one. Each of the buds opens separately but are nestled in a cluster, from tight to fully open blooms. They have a wide range of colors from light pink and white to more bold, strong colors such as yellow and hot pink.

Spray roses make up the bulk of small bouquets and corsages, with foliage to create an attractive background for the brightly colored blooms. Sprays are ideal for small floral arrangements where larger roses may be overpowering. They add a touch of romance to any setting or event.

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