Local Florists Pick Their Favorite Pacific Northwest Seasonal Blooms

One of the perks of spending spring and summer in Seattle is enjoying the flowers that bloom throughout the region. If you're planning a wedding or event, or just decorating your home with a few stems, choosing regional, seasonal flowers will help you celebrate the bounty of the Pacific Northwest while supporting local and regional businesses.

Miya Ferguson, owner of Fremont's willow & bloom, works with organic flower farms throughout the region and promises that when you choose seasonal, regional plants, in addition to supporting regional agriculture and decreasing your carbon footprint, you get fresh, wonderfully fragrant flowers with large blossoms. Ferguson attributes the quality and beauty of this area's blooms to local flower farmers who "really are masters of their trade and grow their crops with such care and passion."

We asked local florists who carry local, seasonal — and organic, whenever possible — flowers for recommendations on regional flowers that bloom beautifully in the warmer months. Here is a list of approved varieties that you can find through Juniper Flowers, Flora Nova Design, Aria Style, Fleurt, Marigold and Mint and willow & bloom, to name a few.

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