Mary Frances Bennett Named COO at Greenleaf Corporate

Success can often mean many different things to many different people. And for most individuals in the corporate sector, key destinations on the spectrum of success often include dollar signs, sales figures, and titles.

Originally drawn to the field of interior design, Mary Frances’ interest in the floral industry did not fully take shape until the start of her college career. When researching potential career paths, she found herself immediately captivated by horticulture and floral design. With one of the best Plant and Soil Sciences programs in the country, Mississippi State University was an easy choice for Mary Frances. With a passion for the craft, Mary Frances went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture that included a concentration in Floral Management. This vast array of knowledge and skill has translated seamlessly into the world of wholesale floristry.

Ever since, she has enjoyed success through perseverance and hard work. In 2017 she joined the corporate leadership team at Greenleaf Wholesale and swiftly accomplished record-breaking sales figures through mass market and international account acquisition.

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