Mayesh Wholesale Florist Announces American-Grown Chrysanthemum Partnership

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership to bring you some of the best local Chrysanthemums around! Here’s a little background info from David:

We have entered into a project with King’s Mums, an American grower and propagator located in Oklahoma. Brian Kanotz, the owner, curates a wide selection of heirloom varieties of Chrysanthemums, which are very popular with American growers and have been highlighted many times by Floret. I selected three varieties for the fall and Brian had them propagated as tissue culture plants to ensure a clean and virus-free product.  Our partner, Lindsey Schwinn at Delemeter Farms in southern Washington state is growing them. She has had several setbacks, but finally is starting production of one variety and hopefully two more to follow. What is notable is that this is an All-American project, and I do hope you can promote them with this in mind. I believe it is imperative that we promote our onshore assets, and I sincerely hope this is a project that we can build on in the future.

Seaton’s J’Adore is an old heirloom variety originally from Australia that had been maintained by King’s Mums and saved from extinction. These are the first tissue culture plants ever grown of this variety.

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