Michigan Floral Foundation Announces Senator Debbie Stabenow as 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee

The Michigan Floral Foundation enjoys the distinct honor of announcing U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow as our 2019 Hall of Fame inductee. While it is true that all previous inductees have been floral industry veterans, Senator Stabenow will be the first honoree from outside our industry because of her relentless commitment to the legislation, governance, and principles that benefit every segment and level of the agricultural and floral community.

As Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry Committee, Senator Stabenow is a forceful advocate for Michigan agriculture – the state’s second biggest source of jobs. When she served as Chair of the Committee, Senator Stabenow authored the 2014 Farm Bill, which strengthened Michigan agriculture and made historic, permanent investments in specialty crops, floriculture, pest and disease management, and cutting-edge research. She built on that success in coauthoring the 2018 Farm Bill, which passed on a strong bipartisan vote of 87-13 – the most Senate votes ever. The bill strengthens Michigan’s floral industry, exploring new options for local crop insurance and strengthening support for specialty crops and floriculture.

Senator Stabenow also authored the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which is helping Michigan communities improve the quality of their water and restore wildlife habitats.

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