Mike the Florist: a New Online Resource to Help Florists Thrive in This Digital Age

‘Mike The Florist’ is a new online support website to help florists learn more about marketing and business, created by an 8th-generation florist, Mike, who is based in Madrid, Spain.

Today, florist businesses are at a critical crossroads. The year 2020 has brought disruption. We need guidance not just in craftsmanship, but especially in how to take good care of our business while faced with a very uncertain future. To help with this, Mike The Florist brings you insightful articles, community interaction and courses that guide you to the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Why do so many florists struggle?

Has the COVID-crisis put flower businesses against the ropes now more than ever before? It’s just added to the pain. Floristry businesses have been declining ever since the global 2008 economic crisis. Around this time, new players came into the traditional retail market, and new sales channels took off. Florists failed to take advantage, or just could not keep up.

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