Mite-Resistant Mandevilla Debuts At TPIE

TOKYO — Who doesn’t love Fort Lauderdale in January? The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is the perfect place to plant paradise and introduce new Sun Parasol Mandevillas! While the star introduction from Suntory Flowers will be a red hot mite-resistant mandevilla, Sun Parasol Mitebuster Red, two more intros include Sun Parasol Garden White in the bedding plant class and Sunrosa Yellow Delight in the compact shrub rose line.

Sun Parasol Mitebuster Red 

Mitebuster Red is a compact, upright bush mandevilla that is naturally resistant to mites, a common problem that plagues mandevilla production in the nursery, at retail and for home owners. Sturdy plants don’t break at the base and are bursting with bright red blooms! Mitebuster Red is also naturally resistant to leaf spot, another common problem. With superior pest and disease resistance, we think MItebuster Red will be a game changer for mandevilla production.

Sun Parasol Garden White 

Six years ago, Suntory introduced Sun Parasol Garden Crimson, our first bedding plant mandevilla bred for 4-inch pots. Unlike other Mandevillas, plants have powerful branching with low breaks, making the Garden series very well suited to landscapes and hanging baskets. Now we have the new Garden White, an essential color and fantastic companion to Garden Crimson. Just imagine the possibilities mixing them together in beds and baskets!

Sunrosa Yellow Delight 

Dark yellows are hard to find, especially in roses. New Sunrosa Yellow Delight produces vibrant rich yellow blooms. Growers and retailers alike have appreciated this highly disease resistant compact shrub rose line. Sunrosa roses offer a long flowering period as well as exceptional heat tolerance. Plants are hardy to Zone 5. Yellow Delight brings the Sunrosa line to six delightful colors!

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